What’s Halloween Without a Little Mystery ??




Available  for purchase from  October 26th 2010 to November 16h 2010 in Restaurant City are HALLOWEEN MYSTERY BOXES !!! Each box contains one collectible figurine. Collect all six figurines in a series and you will be rewarded a super-fast and super cool stove to match that series!! Thats not all, make sure to keep reading to find out more exciting stuff!!!



Unlocking all the stoves (completing all three series) will lead to the ULTIMATE REWARD: The Trick or Treat Monster House! This ultimate reward is not just an arcade machine that will earn you 1000 coins every 4 hours, but also adds a whopping +3 to max popularity in your restaurant. Watch for the shock on your trick or treaters face when they see who greets them at this door!



Q: Where do I find the Mystery boxes to purchase?

The Mystery boxes icon can be found on the left hand side of your restaurant above your free gifting icon

Q: Are the Halloween Mystery boxes gift able?

Currently they are only gift able at the time of purchase before they are opened.

Q: Once I have received my mystery items where can I find them in my inventory?

Figurines can be found by clicking on redecorate, storage (crate icon) then decorations tab.

Stoves can be found by clicking on redecorate, storage (crate icon) then kitchen appliances tab.

Trick or Treat Monster House Arcade can be found by clicking on redecorate, storage (crate icon) then functional tab.

Q: When is the last day to buy items?

November 16th, 2010 GMT

Q: Do i have to buy the stoves and Trick or Treat Monster House once I unlock them?

Nope!!!! They are a reward absolutely FREE and will be automatically added to your inventory as you earn them!!!

Q: is it possible to unlock the same stove or Monster House more than once ?

No it is not possible to unlock more than one of the same stoves, or the Trick or treat Monster House.

Q: Is it possible to unlock figurines more than once?

You should not receive more than two max of the same figurine

Q: I can’t find the items in the shop. Help.

The only way to obtain these items is by purchasing the Halloween Mystery Box or by being gifted a Mystery box.

Make sure to log into Restaurant City now to check out the new Halloween Mystery boxes !!!


*We will be updating the faqs as we receive more questions from our users , please feel free to post a comment on this blog post of anything you can think of for us to add to our FAQs to help our users.



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33 Responses to “What’s Halloween Without a Little Mystery ??”

  1. ksuc Says:

    I would like if Playfish gives a FREE Mystery Box to all RC players.. By email subscriber maybe.. Please, 1 is enough!!

  2. idreaminmusic Says:

    It would be really neat if Playfish didn’t make EVERYTHING cost PF Cash. It’s completely unfair that all of the really nice things can never be bought by people who don’t have gobs of money to spend on fake currency.

    Well, I’m never even going to look at these mystery boxes again. Oh, wait, yes I will, because everytime I log in they’re going to tell me to buy them.

  3. Tzu Says:

    I don’t care much of the figurine. My goal is on collecting the stoves. Please consider allowing players to gift the figurine after opened. I don’t sell or trade anything that I buy with my Playfish cash. I give it to my online friends instead.

  4. sandyclaus Says:

    The whole idea behind buying the mystery boxes is to get the items to complete the sets, because completing the sets gets us the free stoves, and when we get all 3 free stoves, we earn the Trick or Treat Monster House.

    BUT… when there is a chance to get 2 of any one item on the list (and in some cases, more of a LIKELIHOOD that you will get a multiple than a new item), it seems unfair that these extra items cannot be gifted. For those of us who are only collecting Mystery Box items to complete those sets and get the Grand Prize, its a waste of PFC to buy and get EXTRA things we do not need or want, and then not give us an opportunity to gift or trade them away.

    Plus, if you think about it, the only guarantee of getting that Trick Or Treat Monster House is by spending 300 PFC because with that outlay of cash, you are sure to get 1 of each item (and probably 2 of all but the last one needed to complete all of your sets).

    THIS occasional PFC buyer is not happy about this at all.

  5. Marite Vértiz Lamas Says:

    You must change the way to obtain it, by the way the players could buy it with coins because they can’t buy with playfish.

  6. Sfstar Says:

    Mr. T XDDDD

  7. koba2802 Says:

    Do you know anyone who has gotten the Ultimate Prize? I’d love to see how it works. Will Maggie have any of these items in her restaurant? Thanks.

  8. NYFish Says:

    I have completed paranormal series n witchy wonders series. I got stove out from withcy wonders series but not paranormal series! how am I going to get the monster house w/o that stove?!! bug or? can help me resolved it asap? Whats the point of spending money n i cant get the whole set??????

  9. NYFish Says:

    Bug or? what happened to my stove after I have managed to collect all items for paranormal series?! It doenst show up in the list nor my inventory! After sending so much PFC and I cant get full set?! So pissed off =.=

  10. salami101 Says:

    The potwasher boy that gives 5% dish clean up boost. What if I have 2?Do they stack?

  11. Ronda Says:

    This is by far the most EXPENSIVE restaurant city items ever!

    You need to spend nearly 35 US dollars to unlock them all! :S

  12. jeckle Says:

    1. will the mystery boxes still be tradable/openable after the time to buy them is over?
    2. will the items at any time in the future be tradable?

  13. K Says:

    Very annoyed that I can’t gift my spares to my friends, or trade them for ones I don’t have. I can understand not trading the first of each one, so that people don’t just trade the sets around, but the spares? Grats, Playfish, you sure swindled me.:/

  14. Ik eet oogbal Says:

    I’ve got a mystery box at searching ghouls but i have no idea where i can find it….

  15. Nadj Says:

    Hey, thanks for all these answers, but here’s one more question:
    I just won a Mystery Box as the Gold Award for zapping ghouls, but I can’t find it anywhere… Where is it?

  16. Michiel Says:

    I obtained a mystery box by zapping the zombies but how do I get my figurine?

  17. Cherry Blossom Says:

    I aquired a Holloween mystery box as a grand prize on the ‘Ghouls are Unlieshed’ game but can’t find it.

  18. Shy Says:

    I won a mystery box yesterday but I don’t know how to locate it so I can open it. A little direction, please? :3

  19. jarreguin001 Says:

    I have a quick question… When the Halloween magic boxes are not on stores anymore, will it be giftable????

  20. H Says:

    How am i suppose to get all the figurines/stoves/monster house if i dont use PFC or trade?

  21. jayson medina Says:

    You should give people 5 mystery box each cause some don’t have playfish cash like the children playing this wonderful game, help them even giving them few mystery boxes …

  22. nosyaj anidem Says:

    I agree what’s jayson medina says you should give us free mystery boxes, many children are playing these …

  23. koba2802 Says:

    You guys sure opened a can of worms with this one.😉

  24. KimmyT Says:

    Yay for them to be free if some friends play. So I sent the mystery boxes to my 5 friends, 1 of them was online and accepted it and they sent it back and my RC lost its internet connection😦 so I lost my mystery box. I hope they will recover it!!!

  25. Boooooooon Says:

    Mystery Box Please I want More😦

  26. charligal Says:

    Have faith…..I completed my set with only 4 duplicates….so all in all not too bad.

    Hopefully they’ll become giftable soon and I can send them to friends who don’t have these items.

    • Allie Says:

      I wish I could gift all of my duplicated gifts to others.

      Hearing the words “have faith” seems to be lost in my vocabulary.

      To sum it up I have a total of 35 mystery box items. All of them have duplicated except one. Approx. 80 PFC down the drain and worst of all I did not get my
      Paranoramal Stove and Haunted House.

      I have reported this problem 3x and have no solution yet and have been checking my email and reloading my RC game like a zombie, Praying and hoping that someone could help, but so far nothing. ='(

  27. Lonemor Says:

    I got 2 mysteri boxes the first day, but now I cant find any boxes???!!

    • Allie Says:

      Once RC has loaded check the left hand side of the screen and you will see a mystery box icon. Click on that and continue to click until you see open mystery box icon on the top.

  28. randomness3552555 Says:

    after you zap ghouls it’s in your mystery box menu. go to the thing where it shows you all the items and click open at the top

    and yes i do wish playfish would give at least ONE to email subscribers! ALL the good items are playfish cash! magor disappointment

  29. mjchavanne Says:

    i got the same figurines and i dont complete the serie

  30. fili Says:

    COMO PODEMOS HACER RECETAS SI NO HAY AZUCAAAAARRRRRRRRRR ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. fili Says:


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