As the last week of  Halloween approaches in Restaurant City customers will be heard screaming at restaurant doors all around that  familiar sound of people celebrating Halloween…..

Trick or Treat
Maggie’s sweet
Give us something
Good to eat !!!

We are in for a week of Tricks, Treats, and good things to eat, with the Boo-licious contest winner’s recipes showing up on your menus for your customers to EAT. Watch out … using the restrooms in your restaurants this week might be TRICKY for your customers, and Mystery Boxes return with Halloween figurine collectible items inside and an extra TREAT if you collect each set!!!

The spookiness of Halloween starts in the exterior of your restaurants! Outdoor Halloween decor is just as important as indoor decor. This week you have the option of two different exterior designs, or why not make a combination of both of them?

Suburban exterior decorations will give your restaurants a cozy Halloween feeling for customers looking for a more relaxed, country-style Halloween atmosphere.

Suburban Halloween Roof Pumpkin Scarecrow
Suburban Halloween Porch Halloween Party Banner Suburban Halloween Window
New England Tiles Yellow New England Tiles Green New England Tiles Blue

For those cooks wanting a spookier feel to their restaurants, we’ve added some new exterior items so you can create an eerie entrance to help you scare up some extra business and extra fun!

Spooky Dungeon Door Dungeon Fence Black Cat Fence
Happy witch Halloween Lights Creepy Tree
Witch Hunter Mob

Take your customers on a ride they will never forget with these Ghost train tables, chairs and stove, where your cooks will be cooking and serving up some Boo-licious meals. Don’t forget the train tracks or your customers might be in for some terrifying unexpected stops!

Ghost Train Stove 

(Cooks 22 % faster)

Ghost Train Chair Ghost Train Table
Train Track Tiles 

(Tiles sold individually)

Let your customers earn you some money while joining in on some Halloween fun! The Spooky organ sounds will leave chills down your customers back. Please Note: Halloween Arcade  is just a game. We advise you not to try this at home. Best leave this to the professionals!!!

Halloween Arcade – Friday Only available 24 hrs

Spooky Organ – Sat, Sun and Monday only

Spooky Organ  

(Earns 1500/6hrs)

Arcade Machine

(Earns 750/6 hrs)

Go Extra Pumpkin-y inside your restaurants this Halloween. Create a real Halloween feel by grouping  pumpkins and Jack o’Lanterns together in different sizes, colors, and shapes throughout your restaurants

Halloween Banquet Table  

(Seats six people)

(Increases patience at table by 1 second)

Halloween Feast  

(Decoration Only)

Halloween Pumpkin Pile Pumpkin Lamp 

(Free Gift)

Large Pumpkin Lamp
Elegant Pumpkin Lamp 

(Unlocked with email permission)

Pumpkin Lantern  

(Free Gift)

While waiting to be seated, customers can take a stroll down your Gallery of Ghostly Delights where each image is more terrifying than the next. They’ll moan at Mona Pumpkin, they’ll scream right along with Pumpkin Scream, they’ll gawp at Pumpkin with Pearl Earring, and then brace themselves for the worst image of all … the hideous Skeleton Mirror!!!   Eeeeeeeks!!  Wonder if they will notice that it’s just their reflection? Ahem… maybe they should comb their hair or something?

Mona Pumpkin Pumpkin Scream Pumpkin With Pearl Earing
Skeleton Mirror

Use the concrete Halloween Pillars adorned with creepy decorations or the basic autumn dividers or divider blocks in multiple sets throughout your restaurants to create a makeshift fence or barrier

Spider Party Column Skeleton Party Column Jack o Lantern Party Colum
Ghost Party Column Party Column Autumn Stone Divider Block
Autumn Divider Autumn Divider Block Autumn Iron Divider

Your customers will have to be extra careful when flushing these toilets, or your restaurant may be left with an abundance of almond brain pudding to serve up. Washing their hands at the Sink o’ Doom, maybe for the last time? That reflection in the mirror, is it what they think it is? Who knows?

Sink o’Doom Toilet o’Doom

Halloween is a time for fun and mischief with traditional games such as apple bobbing.  So set out the Dunkin apples decor, maybe a black witch’s cat or two, and even a trick or treater like the Lil Devil.  And a party just isn’t a party without balloons!!!  Make sure you have a bunch of the Monster and Ghost party balloons to hand out at the door to arriving customers.

Monster Party Balloon Ghost Party Balloon Tombstone  

(Free Gift)

Lil Devil Black Cat
Dunkin Apples Sweet Pot 

(Free Gift)

This Halloween your customers will be able to indulge in the 1st place award winning Brain Drain drink and Gasping Ghoulash meal. The Gasping Ghoulash may look like an ordinary dish or pasta but just wait until you serve it to your customers; they will definitely be left Gasping at what they see!!!

Brain Drain  


Gasping Ghoulash  


Dress your employees up in these costumes with masks; the Scary clown will have your customers thinking “why so serious?” Wonder if they will also notice the Bats flying around your restaurants?

Skeleton Mask Clown Mask
Skeleton Outfit Scary Clown Outfit

We hope you have enjoyed this final week of Halloween. Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!.

Eat Drink and Be Scary!!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

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10 Responses to “TRICK or TREAT !!!”

  1. ronell Says:

    the name of the outfit are not right ..

  2. Pinkipye Says:

    Wow, this week’s items are just fantastic! O: The ideas, the colors, and the execution of it is just sheer brilliance!❤ I love the Pumpkin works of art, the beautiful Halloween Feast (Decoration – I hope it's not CC D: ), and the Suburban Halloween Porch! All the items are so, so creative and detailed, but these three are the best IMO!:)

  3. Tzu Says:

    Hooray… the mystery boxes return. New game machines for me to buy again. For sure this is a treat, not trick. :bd

  4. Tzu Says:

    Hooray… the mystery boxes are back. New game machines for me to buy again. For sure this is a treat, not trick. :bd

  5. Etienne209 Says:

    I love everything! Good job RC! It’s sure I’ll buy a lot of things from this theme, even mystery boxes! I hope there will not be too much PFC things and that it will not be too expensive.

  6. blackray02 Says:

    Great work all this season in RC, playfish! I’ve been playing just a few months, but this month with was all i expected. Thanks a lot for all the fun.

  7. estagon Says:

    Waah, way to much PFC items…!!

  8. Restaurant City Maniac Says:

    No pumpkin shirt, dress or hat?😦 We need more hat!!!!!!

    And last year’s Dracula Shirt

  9. koba2802 Says:

    Nice job this week. There were a lot of smaller items that were pretty cheap. The PFC items will still be beyond my reach, but that’s fine. I did my weekly review. It’s the first time in front of the camera.

  10. cheryl harr Says:

    how come all the good stuff and sales are only for PFC? Very effective in blocking those of us who cant afford PFC from having the good stuff!

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