Week of The Living Dead



It’s close to release time, and something evil’s lurking in the Restaurant City air. In this week’s update your customers will experience a sight that will make them freeze as horror looks them in the eyes. With the Midnight darkness still lurking in anticipation of Halloween, the undead will begin to walk among your customers unnoticed, and Zombies crawling in search of food will be seen terrorizing customers in restaurants across the city. Prepare your customers to be thrilled more than ever before!

Barricade your Survivor customers inside your restaurants with these exterior windows and doors to keep them safe. The Undead Hordes are on the hunt for food currently not available on your menu, and if they have it their way hordes of zombies will be serving up some Survivors Brain Pudding very soon!!!

Barricaded Door Barricaded Window
Survivors Undead Horde

Each one of these characters in your restaurant will serve a purpose this week. Justin Brie, undead Cop and Zombie Nurse will make a good test subjects for your mad scientist who is busily working on the re-animated fluid, while The Chef in Hazmat suit will ensure your customers food is not contaminated with the evil in the air

Zombie Justin Brie Mad Scientist Chef in Hazmat Suit
Undead Cop Zombie Nurse

From the outside of your restaurants everything may look all secure and boarded up but from the inside the undead can be seen waving their arms through windows trying to scavenge for food. Hopefully, you have stocked up on lots of ingredients in your Restaurants to hold of the undead from wanting to feed on your customers.

Zombie Attack Window 


Boarded Up Window Bio-hazard Window
Abandoned Hospital Door

Customers safety always comes first in Restaurant City.These tables are a good reminder for your customers to watch out for possible chemical and radioactivity around your restaurant as they eat their meals.

Biohazard Table Medical Canteen Chair Radioactive Table 

(Free Gift)

These Lab wallpapers and floor tiles with mysterious stains placed in your restaurants, it will leave your customers wondering what else is happening inside your restaurant’s walls.

Lab Wallpaper Lab Tube Panel
Lab Floor Stain Tile Lab Floor Drain Tile Lab Floor Tile

Make sure to stock up on these arcade and popularity booster items to keep your customers entertained while barricaded inside your restaurants. The Ouija board will allow your customers to walk up to it and ask the spirits questions (hopefully the good spirits) while the Helicopter, although unable to fly your customers right out of your restaurant to safety, will lift them briefly in the air and could come in handy to ward off some undead customers that may have slipped into your restaurant. Most undead are not smart enough to know not to walk into a moving propeller.

Escape Helicopter: Available two days only  (48 hrs) –  Sunday and Monday October 24th and 25th GMT

Lab Arcade Machine 

(200 coins/4 hrs)

Ouija Board Arcade 

(600 coins/2 hrs)

Escape Helicopter 

(adds +1 to popularity)

The recent invasion of the undead around Restaurant City is said to be linked to laboratory experiments gone horribly wrong. Apparently some restaurant owners were desperate to find ways to get more customers. Perhaps you should set up a small laboratory hidden within your restaurant to try to create the necessary reanimated fluid which is made from a mixture of ingredients that will bring the undead back to life when injected into the brain. Will you be the one to save Restaurant City from being overtaken by the undead?

Lab Power Generator Toxic Food Chamber Lab Equipment
Escaped Undead Specimen Capsule Undead Specimen Capsule Toxic Spill 

(Free Gift)

Hospital beds, Operating Table and hospital dividers will be needed in your restaurants hidden laboratory for testing out the reanimated fluid on your test subjects. Having one of your cleaning staff on hand may be a good idea to clean up any unfortunate mishaps.

Operating Table Overturned Hospital Bed Ghoulish Hospital Bed
Hospital Divider

Equip your restaurants with enough survival weapons, barricades and getaway cars for all your customers. For you and your staff, the Zombie Defence Tank will guarantee a safe exit and a means of driving around Restaurant City while you inject the undead with the reanimated fluid.

Zombie Defense Tank Survivor Weapons Abandoned Getaway Car
Undead Barricade Barricade Side Table 

(Free Gift)

In the kitchen this week your staff will be cooking up and serving some almond brain pudding for your customers with your new survivor and vat stoves. Hopefully the mad scientist hasn’t decided to use your customers as test subjects with this new dish!

Vat Stove: Available one day only (24 hrs) –  Friday October 22nd GMT

Survival Stove 

(cooks 6% faster)

Vat Stove 

(cooks 20% faster)

Almond Brain Pudding 


To help put your customers at ease while eating in your restaurant this week, we have added two new avatar facial features eyes and a mouth. Equipping all of your staff with the unmistakable look of a survivor of the undead will leave no room for your customers to be afraid to eat in your restaurant.

Survivor Face Sample Survivor Eyes and Mouth

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks update!!! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!.

Eat Drink and Be Scary!!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

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14 Responses to “Week of The Living Dead”

  1. Pahmiey Says:

    Love all the new items!

  2. Matt Drewett Says:

    Thank you for introducing a new popularity item:) Please introduce many more in the future.

  3. sharizmi Says:

    nice job!!!

  4. Kaito1412 Says:

    LOL @ the zombie Justin Brie…😀

  5. Sosiree Says:

    i hate zombies!!!!!!!!!!
    where is Milla Jovovovich to save us all?????

  6. Tzu Says:

    Love the Lab Arcade Machine and Ouija Board Arcade. The Escape Helicopter is SUPER COOL. So 3 items need to buy this week.

  7. Allison Says:

    Excellent Work Playfish. I wish there were more recipes though.

    Is the GK giving out any?

  8. Jessica Says:

    Where do I get the Ouija Board or is it not for sale yet?

  9. Kasey Sims Says:

    Is the helicopter really going to be 450,000 coins?? Isn’t that a bit excessive??

  10. hbmoose Says:

    This theme is mental =P

  11. Kbman Says:


  12. koba2802 Says:

    Okay, so what do you say to players who threaten to quit the game because of the angelic toilets. Personally, I’m not offended by it. In fact, it was my “Must Have Item of the Week.” But what do you say to someone like that?

  13. kmil Says:

    is cool the new items for this month

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