Transylvania… Love at First bite


Restaurant City’s update this week takes you to the enchanting Region of Transylvania. Home to famous Bran castle situated high on a hilltop with beautiful views, its narrow dark corridors form a mysterious maze of ghostly nooks and secret chambers making it easy for a vampire to hide within. Use your vivid imagination to recreate the dark and intimidating stomping ground of the mythical Count Dracula.

Start your customers dining experience by displaying the exterior of your restaurants as a spooky Transylvanian castle, where all sorts of mysterious events can happen, like the mysterious sightings of the Headless Horseman, or the Count’s carriage mysteriously appearing in your castle. Make sure to warn your customers about those meddling kids with their Mystery Van parked out front roaming around your restaurant whispering: “Quite the few mysteries we have on our hands, gang!”

Spooky Castle Roof Spooky Haunted Roof
Outdoor Transylvanian Castle Window Outdoor Transylvanian Castle Door Transylvanian Banner
Headless Horseman The Counts Black Coach & Horses Mystery Van

Elegant Antique chairs and tables are included in this week’s Transylvania update for your customers to enjoy eating their food on. For those customers looking for a more spooky dining experience you can always seat them at the multifaceted tombstone tables.

Antique Dark Wood Chairs Antique Darkwood Table Tombstone Table
Side Table With Skull Side Table With Goblet of Blood 

(Free Gift)

A Large Transylvania Castle Door to welcome your customers and Castle Windows displaying the moonlight will set the mood nicely for your customers.Place the Portrait with Moving Eyes set at your entranceway to help keep an eye on your curious guests.

Transylvanian Castle Door Transylvanian Castle Window Portrait With Moving Eyes 


These wallpapers and tiles allow you to create an indoor or outdoor castle appearance. Who said Area rugs were for only indoors? Toss a couple of these in your outdoor area to help bring the inside feel of the castle outdoors.

Misty night Wallpaper Castle Wallpaper Castle Floor Tile
Large Antique Rug Antique Rug

For your Transylvanian kitchens, we have added a Creepy Vampiric Stove to help you cook up some scary but yummy treats! The mysterious Obsidian Drink Dispenser will definitely leave your customers trying to figure out the mystery of how it serves drinks at such an alarmingly fast and spooky pace

Creepy Vampiric Stove 

(10% Faster)

Obsidian Coffin Drink Dispenser 

(16% Faster)

Silver Drink Dispenser

Take a bite out of your customers and turn them into Vampires with the coffin anti-taninator, and all while making a profit! These Angelic Toilets are perfect for those scared customers in a hurry to get back to their table.

Coffin Anti-taninator 

(Earns 700 coins/ 2 hrs)

Angelic Tombstone Toilet 

(works 5 % faster & twice as long without breaking)

Making this theme even more frightening for your customers is the Creepy Skull Gates which welcome the daring to go into your restaurant as they explore what looks like to be a cemetery with old and broken down tombstones and columns along the way to the dining hall

White Creepy Skull Gate Creepy skull Gate Creepy Divider
Stone Divider Corner White Transylvanian Column Dark Transylvanian Corner
Cross Tombstone Broken Tombstone

To stay on the safe side, consider hiring Count Darkchocula to keep a look out for trouble while your customers enjoy their enchanting meal. You never know … the Fettuchini Mummy may awaken from a slumber in his Sarcophagus!  Hmmmm, you may just have some use for those meddling kids with the mystery van after all!

Count Darkchocula Fettuchini Mummy 



Combining these decorations and soft lighting inside your restaurant will have your customers shaking in their boots with the Creepy Castle Statue, Mysterious Raven Dark Spice Library shelves throughout. Your customers will leave your restaurants feeling as if they had walked the halls of the Legendary Bran Castle itself.

Dark Spice Library Mouseloeum Lamp Creepy Castle Statue

(Free Gift)

Mysterious Raven 

(Free Gift)

Gothic Elegant Candle

Your customers will be going batty this week over the new dish on your menus. The “Blue Vampire Steak” is no ordinary Steak. Royal this dish to 10 and watch your customers turn batty and fly out of your restaurants.

Blue Vampire Steak 

(Turns customer into bat)

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks update!!! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!.
special shout out this week to one of our moderators DarkElfAqua who helped me co-write and gave me inspiration on this week’s blog post.

Eat Drink & Be Scary!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

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28 Responses to “Transylvania… Love at First bite”

  1. ksuc Says:

    Getting more creepy in the second week.. Good job!
    Last hope: Mystery Fan is NOT PF Cash item..
    More…. Scooby Doo characters please!!

  2. tammi Says:

    Y its only 1 new recipe??
    N plss dun let those new items prices with PFCash, not all player could have PF Cash T___T

  3. Lolwut Says:

    Only one dish😦

  4. Jasmine Says:

    Thank you playfish. This was the theme i’ve always been waiting for! Im so happy now😀

  5. Toniou Says:

    That looks amazing!
    I just hope we can send cheese and sugar as free gifts soon.:) and being able to gift ingredients too and that would be awesome!

  6. Allie Says:

    Excellent work Playfish. I love the new items this week can’t, especially the cemetery for an outdoor theme and the exterior restaurant decoration. there wasn’t enough last week. I can’t wait for next week’s stuff. just can’t get enough of Halloween.

    Thank you. =)

  7. Tzu Says:

    Nice :bd

  8. Allie Says:

    oh I forgot to mention about the recipes. I certain do hope they have more recipes coming out next week.

    Also, please please please bring back a few of the last year’s Halloween recipe too. RC fans that started only this year don’t have those recipes and it would be great to serve it in the restaurant with the scary theme. thank you.

  9. jesstan Says:

    Suddenly so many new stuff

  10. Erresee Says:

    This is AWESOME !!!!!
    I love it, and I had already created a cemetery in my restaurant so the tombstones are perfect to complete it !!!!!!! that is soooo cool you made my day, now I can’t wait for tomorrow !
    and the new recipe with special effect is the coolest,
    I wish every new week would be that great on RC thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jane Says:


    This is perfect for my in-progress castle theme – there haven’t been nearly enough items for it yet so I haven’t been able to complete it.

    Do you know if the dividers/divider blocks from last Halloween will be re-released? I have a small number of those and they are just perfect. The new ones are nice, but not the same, so it would be nice to get a limited time re-release if at all possible.

    Thanks for the awesome update.

  12. Natasha Says:

    Love how the graphics for items keep getting better:)

  13. hbmoose Says:

    Haha Scooby-Doo van!

  14. Chris K Says:

    Another great job to the designers. They are working overtime. Make sure to tip them. October has been the best month…so far. Nice job.

  15. krch16 Says:

    very good playfish

  16. blk Says:

    Hey this is neat it just gave me a bunch of coins for Restaurant City! —>

  17. Xiemers! Says:

    Oh, i thought you were going to post the other dishes too, just to know, but it doesnt matter.😀

  18. Xiemers! Says:

    Hey, i have a question RC, the door who you are posting here isnt the same that the door wich is in the game, Whats happening?

  19. wolflady397 Says:

    I was diappointed to see that what I wanted have to be playfish cash such as the spooky roof, outdoor castle door and the coffin anti-taninaton but grateful that we didn’t have to with the coach and the headless horseman as well as the banner. Hate it that the tombstone toliet is 25,000 coins.

  20. wolflady397 Says:

    Other than that….it was better than last year…and I do LOVE the way the customer turns into a bat after a meal tho.

  21. AnnNG Says:

    The Transylvanian Castle Door is not as pictured on here.

  22. Yochen Says:

    how can i get the Coffin Anti-taninator ?
    I can’t buy them and i made a link to favorites at internet explorer (with control+D).

  23. Suzana Black Says:

    Hi guys!

    The Transylvanian Castle Door (inside) that you show here is not the one we can buy in RC shop! We have some…cheap blue-ish plexi-glass battant door, not even remotely near a castle door…Erhm…what?!

  24. Kbman Says:

    I dearly hope one of the weekly themes will be Zombie Apocalypse. Very much….

  25. Socorro Says:

    Hey! I can’t get the new awards of today!
    I got the first awards and what’s gonna happen now?😦

  26. Rina Says:

    Well, I am a fan, but why I never get any free ingredients when I play the game through the link which is stated as: “only for fans” at the fan page. Why??? I am a fan…

  27. Vanessa Says:

    Great update! Love the toilets and large antique rug. I don’t usually spend PF cash but I am willing to buy the Spooky Haunted Roof. Thanks so much.:)

  28. fili Says:


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