Under The Tuscan Sun


This week’s Restaurant City update takes us to Italy’s, 5th largest region, Tuscany. Come and experience a land filled with tradition, charm, beauty and a land that was also the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Upon visiting your restaurant, your customers can expect to experience that easygoing Italian way of life found so alluring and desirable, la dolce vita (“the sweet life” or “the good life”). This quality is indisputably linked to the Italians’ instinctive knowledge of how to drink and eat well

The natural textures and colors of stone, wood and water distinguishes Tuscan exterior decor, giving your restaurant a feeling of warmth and welcoming your guests to come inside! The Tuscany Cafe Entrance overflows with hardy climbers, a Rustic Sign, and Grape Trestles. Using this entrance is a perfect way to create  a welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

Tuscany Cafe Entrance Rustic Painted Sign
Farmer and Pig Grape Trestles Cow

Add a rustic touch to your restaurants and enhance your customers dining experience with the hand crafted Willow Chairs (made from real willow branches), the Home Crafted Table and Breton Chair or perhaps add some color with the Blue Checkered Table

Breton Chair Willow Chair
Home Craft Table Blue Checker Table

Stunning in both traditional Tuscan style and function with a natural look, these all double as attractive tables and shelves with convenient storage and counter space. Tuscan shelving is typically open and without doors in order to maintain the idea of openness. This is typically done to display the dishes and other pieces inside the shelves.

Pastry Tool Counter Carvery Table
Large Storage Shelves Glassware Shelves Earthenware Shelves
Grape Trestle Pots and Pans Pillar

Decorating colors in Tuscany are  warm colors for the most part. These colors are directly inspired by nature and sometimes are further accented with splashes of red. These Brick and Plaster Wallpapers, accompanied by two shades of walnut plank floors put together in your restaurant, will help you to achieve a traditional warm, Tuscan feel in your restaurant.

Tuscany Brick Wallpaper Rustic Brick Wallpaper Rustic Plaster Wallpaper
Italian Brick Wallpaper

(Gourmet King)

Walnut Planks Light Walnut Planks

With food being a favorite pastime of Italians, Tuscan kitchens have traditionally been the place for loved ones to gather. To most effectively capture that true Tuscan feel in your restaurant’s kitchen, make sure to fill it with all the pieces of equipment needed to create great meals.

*Please note this weeks limited deal is so hot, you will only be able to buy and have a total of two of these (including your inventory).

Italian Brass Stove

(15% Faster)

Limited Deal

(Sept 11th/12th Only)


(Cleans Dishes 10%Faster)

Fruit Press Dispenser


Meat Smoker Fish Smoker

Inspired by the rolling Italian countryside and rustic farmhouse villas, these accents will help put those crucial finishing touches in your Tuscan Restaurant. Make sure to choose the accents that speak to you! (Preferably in Italian!)

Scales Milk Urn Pasta Maker
Condiments Grape Juice Barrel

(Gourmet King)

Country Basket

(Free Gift)

Hanging Meat Happy Pig Hanging Basket

Allow your customers to experience firsthand the great taste of Tuscan cuisine, known for its use of the best natural and flavorful ingredients. Gnocchi (dumplings), and Biscotti (a large, twice-baked almond biscuit) are among some of the most popular Italian dishes in the world. Adding these to your menus will draw crowds from all around for a taste of Tuscany.

*This week is also the last week to unlock your Champion Recipes. Recruit both your active and inactive friends to help you out by sending you free ingredients located under the gift tab!

Biscotti Gnocchi Seafood Pasta Bake

(Gourmet King)

Pizza Florentine

Mangiare Bene, Stare Bene !!
Eat Well, Be Well !!

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks update with your journey Under the Tuscan Sun. Please make sure to visit the Playfish forums for helpful hints and tips. Have some spare time while your workers are cooking in your restaurant and just want some fun? Check out Gourmet Ashley’s This or That thread for some relaxing RC related down time !!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release

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55 Responses to “Under The Tuscan Sun”

  1. Saturn Ring Says:

    Yaay~~ hope the banner is not cc.. ^^
    And why we got 2 Tiramisu dishes?

  2. Pahmiey Says:

    I’ll bet that the Fruit Press Dispenser,Italian Brass Stove and Pot-Washer will be in CCs.

    I love those items..:)

  3. kent Says:

    there’s no tiramisu on the recipe😦

  4. kent Says:

    we have tiramisu already i think the another new dish is beef enchilada

  5. JENNIFER Says:

    How come the BEEF ENCHILADA looks just like the desert menu from last week? I already leveled it up. Is this an error?😦

  6. kent Says:

    yeah, i have lv up it too

  7. JENNIFER Says:

    Also, don’t we already have TIRAMISU on the menu? I sure do.

  8. Restaurant City Maniac Says:

    Errors this week:
    – There’s glitched Beef Enchilada menu this week on Main. Appeared as Kanafeh.
    – Starter, we have Biscotti, but why you put it on later? Also, it requires weird dishes.
    – No Tiramisu.

  9. JENNIFER Says:

    Hmm, I just leveled Biscotti to 7 and realized, it couldn’t possibly require PRAWN, BUTTER, LEMON and GARLIC.
    Now I’m out of butter and garlic and this couldn’t possibly be the correct unlocking ingredients, can it?😦
    Will I be compensated?

  10. kent Says:

    oh carp, have make it lv 10

  11. JENNIFER Says:

    I think you should rollback before the situation becomes worse and more people are affected!

  12. Natasha Says:

    Hmm, I don’t see biscotti in my menu:/ and tiramisu. The new one looks better than the old:)

  13. Milee Says:

    I hope most of the stuff are purchasable with coins.. >,<

  14. Item Says:

    I was hoping for new clothing

  15. Bevypoo Says:

    hi guys were doing a fix, probably within the hour the following things will be done

    1) The extra beef enchilada will be removed – any one who has levelled it up will lose this, but the next time we release a main course, the game will remember how much this beef enchilada was levelled up and apply it to the dish
    2) Biscotti will now have ingredients: Egg, Flour, Sugar
    3) Extra staff unlocked at level 80

  16. Restaurant City Maniac Says:

    I love Tuscany Cafe Entrance. Hope it wont be cash.

  17. GourmetAshley Says:

    OMG, I LOVE this theme! Please have a week 2! I have been waiting for an Italian theme for a long time! :ohyeah:

  18. Jasmine Says:

    WTH are you doing Playfish?! Four weeks of boring items :<

  19. Pinkipye Says:

    Wow! I’m SO excited for this week!😀 I’m not even sure what the theme is about, but no matter! xD I guess I’ll search it up on Wiki~ Everything is so cute, especially the detailed little shelves! As I’ve been saying every time I comment, Playfish is getting better and better at graphics! I hope the amount of CC items will be like last week – there weren’t many at all, but there *were* a lot of beautiful coin items!😀

    @GourmetAshley: Hehe, your thread was featured! xD

  20. Windy Says:

    The only thing i can say, is that “biscotti” is italian for “cookies”, and the biscotti that you put in the game are a SWEET recepie with almonds, sugar, flour… definetly no PRAWN in biscotti… hghghgh!

  21. koba2802 Says:

    My video review of this week’s theme.

    Overall ratings:
    Personal interest: 7/10
    Practicality: 7/10

    Great job this week. Nice design on the indoor shelves. Also, great job on the updates (minus the 12th employee issue). Raising the level to 85 and allowing soda to be gifted were nice gestures to both established and newer players.

  22. spicaywasabay Says:

    8D This week’s theme is so prettyyyyyyyy and awesome! I can’t wait! [Finally, a theme I LIKE]
    I hope it’s not cash though D; But the dish washer probably is~


  23. Natasha Says:

    I think there was someone who brought up the issue about the gourmet king: How when we find him, why is it that we don’t reap any benefits from finding him? We used to be able to get rewards before, but now, it’s just for friends? That’s quite silly:/

  24. Noodle Shop Says:

    Beautiful! I really feel like the artists have outdone themselves with the last few themes. I’ve been really wowed by both the Arabian Nights/bazaar weeks and this week! I can’t wait for winter break when I’ll have time to devote to redecorating.:)

  25. kmg Says:

    How in the world are we supposed to get cream? I need 5 creams to level up my last bowling alley dish, and then I have enough saved to get the championship meals. But without cream, I’m just sunk. PLEASE make cream a daily ingredient or put it in the market. I’m getting desperate.

  26. Karen Says:

    PLEASE put CREAM in the daily ingredients for sale. I can’t finish my bowling alley without cream. I have the money, but it isn’t being offered. PLEASE. I can finish my championship meals as soon as I get some cream!

  27. Kate Lewis Says:

    Been playing the game for a couple of years now and am really happy that gnocchi has been added cause its one of my favorite foods but… It does not contain pasta. Its mainly potato and a little bit of flour and somtime egg.. Please change the ingredients you need x

  28. ryan Says:

    I can’t seem to hire any new staff??? Which is really inconvenient considering I just FIRED TWO PEOPLE…now what?

  29. Luis Says:

    It sucks! I wonder know why i cant visit my fd’s restaurant!!!!!!!

    Everytime i click their home, no reaction or respond,

    What ridiculous is the time working hours will be stopped and the staff do nth!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. bonnie hanger Says:

    The new items are well designed – the wine barrel and the fruit plate – i was totally blown away. keep up the good work One thing – From last night, i cannot visit any of my friends’ restaurant as it is frozen- so is my menu. Everything else works. Help. Are u fixing anything?

  31. walle wait Says:

    You must have a new designer. Your new items are fabulous.

  32. John Ernie Smith Says:

    Are you doing maintenance again on RC? I just can’t visit other restaurants. Everything else works like receiving mail, going to my home page.

    My visiting restaurants is frozen. There is a little white square in one of the pictures below my restaurant.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  33. Teresa Bergan Says:

    What’s ip? I haven’t been able to get into the menu since yesterday afternoon! HELP!!!!!

  34. Waldy Sombra Says:

    My Restaurant City is not working well, i can not access ‘the menu’ neither save the game and do other stuffs either.

    Is anyone else having this problem? [2]

  35. POoh bear Says:

    the limited deal is the italian chrome stove, which costs 100,000 coins

  36. phresh :) Says:

    how do we get this dish washer ?

  37. Kathy Says:

    I’m new and just learning to play, love all cusines, and need help learning,

  38. Paco Wong Says:

    I bought a Itallian Chrome Stove. Why I cannot gift my Itallian Chrome Stove??

  39. Natasha Says:

    Hey Bevypoo, I was wondering whether you can tell me if the limited italian chrome stove can be gifted next week since I’m not exactly sure what “tradable” means. Thanks a lot :))

  40. Colby MB Says:

    Hey, I know i’m gonna sound new, but i’m not. I just haven’t played this for a while. But, can someone please tell me what the drinks are for the Lounge Bar? Like to get upgrades? And what they upgrade?

    • Colby MB Says:

      Umm, ya, Nevermind my last post. I figured it out.😄. That was a stupid question. Well, I have an idea. I think you should be able to send any and all ingredients to people, not just the 8 select ones.

  41. Jeanne Leach Says:

    I really love the new Tuscany theme! This really inspired me. I am so glad that I was able to save up some money before this came up. My only problem is that I clicked on the “add PF cash” button, followed the instructions and gave my cc info. I even received an email confirmation telling me that my $$ was accepted. I never received PF cash! Instead I got more regular money to spend. Why did this happen. I am afraid to ever buy PF cash now. I was really hoping to get the dishwasher and shelves before it is gone.

  42. Pinkipye Says:

    @ColbyMB: But then the game won’t be a challenge. =.= Are you one of those people who just want everything handed to them in life for free?

  43. Grafik Says:

    hi buddy… i just wanted to say that my msie is freezing when I click on the links… are you using some javascript or something?

  44. zebra Says:

    what did the outside or maggies restaurant look like

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