Shake, Rattle and Bowl!


This week’s update in Restaurant City is made in the shade (success guaranteed) and has you serving your customers up some fun, Continuing with the 50’s theme with some Shake Rattle and Bowl customers will be heard yelling “Turkeyyyyyyy” accompanied by loud cheering. Make sure your chefs don’t mistaken this as a meal request from the kitchen because in bowling a Turkey is 3 strikes (all pins down with 1 ball) in a row and a grand achievement for any bowler!!

Starting with the exteriors of your restaurants, to satisfy those customers looking to burn rubber (go in a hurry), a fast food sign and roof have been added. Last week if you remember Maggie could be found featured on your Dr Pepper signs, while this week she’s moonlighting as your restaurants mascot accompanied by a Hipster (someone who is cool) Maggie’s talents and willingness to do what is needed to succeed in the restaurant business are inspiring, no wonder her restaurant is number one on our streets !!

Fast Food Roof Outdoor PFC Mascot Hipster
Bowling Deco Drive In Sign Fast Food Sign

Retro wallpaper and an assortment of bowling lane floor tiles will most likely be a radioactive (popular) option for decorating your 50’s Diner/Bowling Alley. If the bowling tile flooring doesnt make you Go Ape (go crazy), the black and white or red and white checkered flooring currently in the shops is a perfect match for your 50’s theme.

Retro Diner Wallpaper Bowling Lane Arrow Tile Bowling Lane Arrow Tile
Bowling Lane Arrow Tile Bowling Lane Arrow Tile Bowling Lane Tile

Last weeks addition of the hot rod style seating and tables had your customers laying a patch around Restaurant City. A new style of hopped up hot rod has been added the Chefrolet, as well as a bowling and retro style table giving your customers more reasons to not want to agitate the gravel (leave).

Green Chefrolet Sofa & Trunk Green Chefrolet Table
Blue Chefrolet Sofa & Trunk Blue Chefrolet Table
Retro Diner Table Bowling Lane Table

When it comes to creating a successful 50’s retro diner/bowling alley decor, it’s all about the details that set the mood. Bowling signs, pins, balls and a roller-skating waitresses decor are just enough to have your customers on cloud 9 (really happy) with their 50’s diner experience.

Bowling Sign Over-sized Bowling Pin (Free Gift) Over-sized Bowling Ball
PFC Mascot Waitress

For functional indoor items we have added a new 50’s theme Diner Bar(works the same as the other lounge bars) as well as a new Bowling Alley that will blow you and your customers top! The functional bowling alley is yours completely free by mastering one of the new meals, the PFC Family Meal. With the addition of  the bowling alley to your restaurants not only will you earn money and be able to watch your customers bowling in your restaurants but you will also be giving your customers  the opportunity to join the other 95 million people in more than 90 countries worldwide that enjoy bowling!

Bowling Alley

(Earns 500 coins per 4 hrs)

50’s Diner Bar

On your menus this week you will notice 4 new main meals as well as 2 new ingredients, Salt and Soda. These are no ordinary meals. Each meal once mastered to perfection, unlocks an item for your bowling alley!

PFC Family Bucket Bowling Alley
Playfish Fillet Meal
Bowling alley return delivery system
Strike Meal Deal Additional bowling alley lane
Nuggets Meal Deal Bowling shelves

The Strike Meal Deal Playfish Fillet Meal Deal Nuggets Meal Deal
PFC Family bucket Soda



(Free Gift & Crates)

Bowl Over” your customers by dressing your employees in these cool 50’s style bowling shirts or the casual Hawaiian Outfit. Anyone of these choices will have the pins bowing down to you, and will most likely leave even the Fonz jealous!

*please note the bowling and pfc pants are not a new item in stores

Hawaiian Shirt & Shorts (Shirt-Gourmet King) Bowling Shirt PFC Shirt Uniform

(Shirt -Free Gift)

Hope you find this week’s update is “right up your alley”. Make sure to check out the Playfish forums and our new Players Help Room for useful tips and hints from our helpful moderators and users!! Just a reminder that new recipes are now available and items will be available on Thursdays GMT!!

What are you waiting for? Put on those bowling shoes and get ready to Shake Rattle and Roll !!!

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41 Responses to “Shake, Rattle and Bowl!”

  1. hbmoose Says:

    Nice work. Bit nervous about potentially having to collect so many of the new ingredients but should be fun =)

  2. merchas Says:

    Ah.. We were right with the bowling..😀

  3. kayla2026 Says:

    2nd post

  4. Penguin Says:

    So…you’re going to give us an additional layout…or…another expansion? Where the hell are we supposed to put this stuff?😛

  5. Krakoune Says:

    I love it! :O

  6. Vanessa Lim Says:

    Hi, I have a friend sent me a “BOWLING ALLEY” just now. After I read the mail and mention that ” was add into your inventory ” and I want to claim it from my storage at functional , but it didn’t APPEAR, why can’t this happened? Pls CHECK and RETURN it to me!! I was a daily player, pls don’t make me disappoint!!

  7. Jana Montana Says:

    The Alley just wouldn’t go in my Restaurant… so I’ll be passing this one up… ;-(

  8. jjfu Says:


  9. RCity guy Says:

    I want to know how can I get the 50′s Diner Bar😛 anyone please?:)

  10. H Moe Thu Says:

    hi ! :) RC city Is Great.most like Everybody. :)

  11. Sad Says:

    I went on the game today, and I can’t learn / level up any of the meals except the PFC Family Bucket.😦

  12. Kris Says:


  13. Tzu Says:

    Great job to make it more 50’s style. Keep up with the good work. :bd

  14. Restaurant City Fan! Says:


  15. Elaine Morita Says:

    The new 50’s soda shop style bar is really cool. Doesn’t work with my current theme but I want one anyway!

  16. Patricia-real Mae Dacanay Says:

    I love the theme.I wish I can buy it all now.But I don’t know how.Keep on making new themes every Thursday.

  17. RC Fan Says:

    Hello!! Love the new stuff but why am I not able to see the 50’s Diner??? :((( this has happened before with other new items…

  18. Steve Says:

    If I were to buy the 50s Diner Bar would it replace my current lounge bar, or would I be able to have both running at once?

  19. Maria Katrina N. Londres Says:

    Thanks you for the responses that you gave !

  20. hay kamal Says:

    please i cant receive gift from the box the box is empty and i have many gift what shall i do

  21. bubblefish Says:


  22. surya jaya Says:

    saya minta cas

  23. Reece Lee Says:

    Thank you!

  24. Penda Tumani Says:

    Help! I completed the first step to get the bucket of chicken and the bowling alley is supposed to be unlocked. I can’t find the bowling alley anywhere in my inventory. Where is it supposed to be? Please help!

    • pyrographer Says:

      Click on the brown crate that stores YOUR ITEMS. Then check the functional tab. It should be there. Items that are NOT IN THE STORE (in other words you can’t buy them) will always be stored in YOUR ITEMS.

  25. Ebie Chavez Says:

    I am frustrated at the lack of sugar! None in crates or by the Gourmet King! You are holding this ingredient hostage for Playfish dollars and I, for one, will not purchase them for ingredients! Please start allowing sugar to be posted as an ingredient for a free gift. I already have 60 ducks and 40 salts and nothing to use them on!

  26. Shevelyn Havanese Says:

    Why is there no sugar available? I can’t afford to purchase Playfish dollars so I rely on free ingredients

  27. Mannie Chavez Says:

    Are you kidding, no sugar available. I don’t need duck or salt anymore. I need sugar to complete my bar drinks, get my shrinking potion and my eat me cookie. Just waiting on sugar for my apple pie… most of my deserts, too!

  28. hayde Says:

    hi,,,i unlocked all the required ingredients for the bowling alley, yet i cant find it,,,i checked everything, in my inventory, stores , chairs, tables, etc,,,but nowhere to be found,,,why..pls reply asap,,,i worked hard to complete all recipes then it frustrates me

  29. hayde Says:

    i checked also the functional and kitchen appliances, but really , no bowling alley there!!! i swear no bowling alley

  30. Oops Says:

    I’ve unlocked all the items on the PFC Family Meals, but my bowling alleys don’t seem to be working! The pins are black in colour and no bowling balls are rolling!

  31. Elaine List Says:

    Why can’t we earn cafe cash like all of my other games do?

  32. Junie Miller Says:

    I am very disappointed in this game I can not tell you how long I have played this game but a very long time in that time I have receive 1 pf cash because I watch a dumb video I feel I am getting no where fast. I have been working on this bowling alley the whole time. You don’t make thinks at all easy to get. So I think I’m going to find another game to waste my time on. I emailed you before and you blew me off so now I guess it’s my turn. To all my neighbors I’m sorry can’t do this any longer.
    C ya in another game Junie

  33. Michele Says:

    i am sick and tired of trying to get the pf cash..I WILL NOT BUY IT!!! what abuot once in a while being able to earn it like with every time you reach a higher level you get one or 2 of them. I still enjoy moving around the lay outs. but am disapointed in trying to buy some of the neat things that are only avalilable with pf cash. why not a counter part using the coins that are earned..what do i do with 20 quanity of say bread or turkey. why earn these if i cannot use them in my recipes

  34. Sylvie Says:

    Two things…..

    One: EVERYONE NEEDS SUGAR…time to release some. I can’t even seem to be able to grow any anymore.

    Two: My bowling alley has never worked…I was just in a restaurant and there were peeps bowling and it was too cool. I have unlocked every bowling alley meal, why doesn’t my bowling alley work??

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