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All For One, and One For All !

July 28, 2010

All for one, and one for all was the motto of a fictional group of French musketeer heroes who stayed loyal to each other through thick and thin in the novel of the Three Musketeers. Fitting perfectly into this week’s theme in Restaurant City as the story is set in the 17th century during the Baroque era and is partially set in the Versailles Palace, home of the King and Queen.

Ironically this title is even more fitting then just for this week’s item release, as you our fans are like our Three Musketeers (loyal to us through thick and thin) so to you I say “All for one, and one for all”. Due to popular requests from our musketeers, the Magic Boxes will be brought back on July 30 GMT for a limited time of three days only! Three days, three musketeers, hmmm coincidence ?

Starting with the exterior of your restaurants in this update, you will find just enough items combined with those of last week’s to accurately recreate scenes from any version of the Three Musketeers; many of these taking place on the steps of the Versailles Palace. To help you to not have to choose just one design or scene for your exterior we have now updated the game to allow you to design and save up to four layouts!!!

3 Musketeers Kings Coach and Horses
Fountain Flamingo Hedge Grand Entrance

Inside your restaurants you will find some new extravagant bold items and marbles to help complete your interior design of the Versailles Palace. Marble Columns, Stone dividers, Elegant Rug and a few more colored wallpapers to add to your previous collection from last week’s new items.

Pink Marble Column

(Gourmet King)

Ebony Marble Column
Green Marble Column

(Free Gift)

White Marble Column
Umber Versailles Wallpaper Stone Versailles Wallpaper Green Versailles Wallpaper
Stone Divider Block Stone Divider Wall Elegant Rug

For your customer’s Versailles dining experience we have added a wide selection of grand and exquisite seating. I highly recommend using the Courtesan Chairs in your waiting area for customers while they wait to be seated at their tables. What better way to start off their Versailles restaurant experience !!

Grand Green Marble Table Grand Black Marble Table Grand White Marble Table
Grand Pink Marble Table


Exquisite Purple Chair Exquisite Pink Chair
Red Courtesan Chair

(gourmet king)

Black Courtesan Chair


White Courtesan Chair
Dainty Side Table

Last week we introduced to your Baroque themed restaurants two new Lounge Bars The Exquisite and Royal Jade. Due to the increased popularity in your restaurants we have added extensions to go with these lounge bars.
*Please also note that the original Lounge bar extensions have now also been added back in the shops.

Jade Bar Extension Exquisite Bar Extension

The Versailles Palace just wouldn’t be the same palace if it didn’t include Glorious and Rhythmic Fountains, sculptured Hedges, Harpsichords, Grand Statues and Wall Mounted Candles placed all over. One of these grandiose items is an exquisite beauty and can not be obtained by purchasing in the shops. Will you be the first to wow your customers by displaying this item in your restaurant?

Glorious Fountain Rhythmic Fountain Harpsichord

(earns 900 coins per hour)

Square Hedge Flamingo Hedge Cone Hedge
Marble Venus Wall Mounted Candles

These four animated characters are a must have to bring your Versailles theme to life. Just be careful not to place Porthos, Athos or Aramis too close to any customers to ensure they don’t get caught in the path of these sword swinging heroes as they stand guard and protect your restaurant.

Porthos Athos Aramis
Marie Antoinette

On your menus this week we have added three new French dishes to serve in your restaurant as well as one new ingredient, Duck. These three new dishes added to your menus allows you the opportunity to serve your customers a complete French course. Rumor around the Versailles Palace is one of these meals once mastered is sure to make your restaurant a bigger hit then before !

French Onion Soup


Royal Duck Confit


Fancy French Pastry


Duck Ingredient

(crate only)

Adding to the collection of employee outfits is a new Musketeer Outfit. Wearing the Musketeer attire is said to be a great honor and shows devotion to the King or in this case restaurant connoisseur. Show your employees your appreciation of their dedication, loyalty and hard work by honoring them with the privileged of wearing this outfit!

Musketeer Outfit

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks update of Versailles Palace don’t forget to visit the Playfish forums for helpful hints, tips, decorating ideas or to make some new neighbors. Id love to see pictures of your restaurants decorated with this weeks theme posted in our Gallery section!

Lets Get Cooking !!


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