It´s Vegas Baby!


The Restaurant City team again have a  weekly update for all of you this week! They are so fantastic and update Restaurant City with changes and new things every week for us all to enjoy!

Remember last week how items were set to come out on midnight GMT at Wednesdays? Well, now we have made a further change to this and the items will now appear at midnight GMT on Thursdays instead!  This means that if you are in  Los Angeles, you will get the items at 4pm on Wednesdays,  if you are in New York, you will get the items at 7pm on Wednesdays and if you are in Hong Kong, you will get the items at 8am on Thursdays. These are all local converted times, to convert the time from where you live, you can use this timezone converter.


This week we have changed the items that you can share if you find the Gourmet King. Now you can share the following recipes and items with your friends if you find him and post the feed to your wall. Remember, that if you find the Gourmet King, you do not get anything yourself for that, for you to get the Gourmet King items, your friends must find him and post the feed to their wall for you to click on.

And by the way, you can only collect 5 items from the Gourmet King per day! So make sure your friends are posting feeds every day for you to collect items and recipes from! Also, please note that the following items can no longer be collected from the Gourmet King: Corn on the Cob, Roast Turkey, Gold Heart and Red Heart. The ingredients you can collect have not been changed, however I will give you a quick overview of some of  the recipes and items you can share and collect from the Gourmet King below. Enjoy!

White Present Blue Present
Apple Pie Red Heart Balloon
Purple Heart Balloon Eggnog


As you may have guessed from the title of this blog post, the item theme this week will be Las Vegas! Again, the items will be available at midnight GMT on Thursday 25th of February. To convert to your own time, check out this timezone converter. But before we get to check out the items that will become available, let´s take a look at the new dishes!

The new dishes for the week are the Chocolate Dream for dessert and the Lobster Salad for starter. These dishes are permanent dishes and are not available for a limited time. The Chocolate Dream dish requires of course the chocolate ingredient, but it has a twist in that it uses kiwi!  Sounds delicious! The total list of ingredients for the Chocolate Dream is: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cream and Kiwi. As for the Lobster Salad, this of course requires lobster and salad, but it also requires tomato and coriander! I am sure your customers will love the Lobster Salad combined with the Vegas theme, it fits perfectly!

Chocolate Dream (dessert) Lobster Salad (starter)


For the decoration items that will be available at Thursday midnight GMT we indeed have the perfect set of items for the perfect Las Vegas inspired restaurant! You cannot have a Las Vegas inspired restaurant without making sure you get the Volcano Decor and the Welcome Sign outside! And of course, you need that Casino Roof, it is magnificent!  The Volcano Decor, Air Balloon and the Welcome Banner all animated by the way, and they are well worth their cost!

Air Balloon Cards Banner Cards Door
Dice Window Casino Roof Volcano Decor
Welcome Banner Welcome Sign


For the inside of your restaurant, the items you will be able to buy at midnight GMT Thursday do of course include a Pooltable, a Lucky 7 Slot Machine and Roulette!  And of course you need to check out the White Tiger and the Giant Red or White Dices!

Also, make your restaurant floor get into the Vegas spirit by investing in one of the 5 new tiles that will become available! And of course you get nowhere without the Red or Blue Chip table or the backgammon Table. I am so looking forward to seeing all the Vegas decorated restaurants with different sections for the different games, make sure you post a screenshot of your newly decorated restaurant in the forum!

Backgammon Chair Backgammon Table Cards Wall Decor
Blue Chip Chair Blue Chip Table Clubs Tile
Diamond Tile Hearts Tile Multi Tile
Spades Tile Pooltable Red Chip Chair
Red Chip Table Giant White Dice Giant Red Dice
Lucky 7 Slotmachine Roulette Wall Waterfeature
White Tiger Cub White Tiger


And while you plan for how to decorate your restaurant when the items are available in the shops, you have to consider investing in the Roulette Stove or the Black Drink Dispenser! They are both functional which means they will make serving dishes or serving drinks faster!

If you invest in these you will be able to serve dishes 15% faster and serve drinks 2% quicker than compared to a regular stove or drink dispenser! These Roulette Stove is limited and will no longer be possible to buy after April 6th, so make sure you get yours before it´s gone!

Black Drink Dispenser Roulette Stove

That´s it for this week,  make sure you leave your feedback as a comment in the blog, we love hearing your thought and comments! Have a great Restaurant City week!

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21 Responses to “It´s Vegas Baby!”

  1. benla Says:

    loving this theme! thanks pf!!:)

  2. Gerardo Says:

    Wich of this items are with PF coins?:) i cant wait to know ^^

  3. Amarantomar Says:

    These items definitly complete my casinò layout😀 wow!!! Thx PF😀

  4. yourBOM Says:

    Yeah, 2 new dishes are awesome.

    3 weeks already, when PF is going to fix this problem.

  5. Hikari Says:

    I like it . .

  6. sdp Says:

    I just bought whip cream for 2900 and when i went in to change my menu it said level up and now i NO whip cream,banana, icecream what is going on with your program

  7. Emily Says:

    great stuff:) good job on the new updates, can’t wait to get the new stove . hopefully it’s cash only:)

    it’ll be great if we can get the christmas beds or another version of the christmas beds to help get our employee’s restore their energy

  8. Mark Says:

    i love the new dishes! where are our gk and trophy posts?

  9. gal Says:

    please tell me the lucky 7 slot machine lets you earn coins from it, like the arcades!

    and thank you for making a faster drink dispenser that fits in with all themes. i’ll definitely be getting that.

  10. Ed Says:

    Look forward to the Vegas theme, still 17hours to go!

    Hope the Roulette Stove selling in a reasonable price and a litte bit disappointed that “Lucky 7 Slotmachine” nor “Roulette” released as functional item… However, it is a nice theme with many good items ever!

  11. Mark Says:

    try the forum. the mods run a lot of error issues there…here it’s more for comments about their update…not how the game is running:)

  12. diane Says:

    still waiting


  13. Tammy Says:

    If we can only collect 5 items from the Gourmet King (which I am totally fine with), why then are we not able to collect ALL of our friends’ bonuses?

  14. Darcy Says:

    I have to say, it was more fun when I could search my friends’ profiles for rewards. The limit leaves me with less to do.

  15. Lexy Says:

    I love the new items and the new theme. The colors work well with current themes running in-game already, as well, which make it easier to coordinate and decorate overlapping themes.

    however, i think the GK limit should be increased…With over 70 friends, its hard to limit myself to five items on some days. It’s hard to tell when, or IF, ppl are going to post items from teh King, so i get the ones i see when i log on, only to find better ingredients/items later in the day. Some days there are no posts, so its best to be speedy on them and not lose my chance. I get that this may be done in an effort to maintain fairness across the board for those with fewer friends than others, but I would like to see an increase in the limit to help benefit people with lots of friends playing.

    An increase in the number of food items you can send out to friends would be nice too, especially since it gets confusing on when you’re allowed to send again…Hard to keep friends I’ve sent to apart from those i haven’t…and apart from those that don’t play the game…

  16. Top Posts — Says:

    […] It´s Vegas Baby! The Restaurant City team again have a  weekly update for all of you this week! They are so fantastic and update […] […]

  17. kevinghetto Says:

    Cool! I’m starting to know Restaurant City has a blog!

  18. Addison Says:

    Howdy, excelent, this is super stuff, hope to see more.Bye Bye

  19. Carola Aldous Says:

    Hello could I use some of the material here in this post if I provide a link back to your site?

  20. Danilo Sodeman Says:

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  21. Keiko Volking Says:

    Hello,perfect post,thanks for your share! and I want to know if i can this article in my website if I place a link back to yours? Waiting for your answer!

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