It´s the wild wild west!


Create a fun Wild West Theme saloon style restaurant for your customers this week!

This week we have a grand 50% off sale for the outside area expansion, that for sure is a good deal, so if you haven´t maxed out on your outside area yet, now is the time! You will also notice that the employee health indicator now displays the units of hours and minutes rather than percentage based, so it will now be easier to you to calculate when they need their rest or portion of food to keep going!

You will also be pleased that the outside area expansion now also supports tiling,  this means that you can now put down flooring on your outside area!

The first thing you need to do to get your restaurant with the right Wild West atmosphere is to start your wall colour scheme, you can do that using one of our existing wallpapers, or you can go for our brand new Wooden Walls. Remember that you can always mix and match the older wallpapers available with this brand new one to get that saloon feel to come in to your restaurant.

Then next up is the floor stye, we this week have the perfect Wooden Planks that you can use,  the important thing for a proper western saloon feel is that your floor is in a nice darkish earthy tone.  For the walls we have the perfect Saloon Window as well as the Wall Mounted Oil Lamp, and a must-have to put on your wall this week is the Wall Mounted Cow Skull!

This week we have also introduced a brand new cooker and drink dispenser for you, of course in the style of the theme this week, so you can now cook food on the brand new Grill while your drinks can now be created with the very cool Saloon Drink Dispenser!

Note that the Grill will cook 5% faster, while the Saloon Drink Dispenser will serve drinks 5% faster.

Wooden Walls Wooden Planks Old Piano
Saloon Window Saloon Door Saloon Divider
Saloon Divider Block Wall Mounted Cow Skull Saloon Drink Dispenser (functional)
Grill (functional) Stool Saloon Chair
Buffalo Chair Spit Jar Wall Mounted Oil Lamp
Cart Wheel Saloon Table Old Oil Lamp
Cacti Joe

Since the theme is western this week, there of course had to be a new dish this week.  We are sure your customers will enjoy tucking into the new Spicy Buffalo Wings! You need 4 ingredients for this dish; Chicken, Butter, Chili and Carrot

Spicy Buffalo Wings

Tou can unlock all this dish until Midnight February 8th. If you have not unlocked the dish before that time, the dishe will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked the dishe, you can upgrade it to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade the dish also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dish (gotit  to at least level 1) before the period is over, it will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy this recipe in future.

While we are on the subject of food and ingredients, the Gourmet King will now give your friends one of these ingredients if you find him: Vegetarian soup noodles, Mango,  Kiwi, Raisins and Orange.

To complete your Wild West themed restaurant you also need to ensure the exterior matches the interior. So for the exterior of your restaurant this week you can find everything you need to create the right look. The Saloon Roof and the Saloon Door is sure to make customers want to come into your restaurant to eat. And not forget the Saloon Sign or the animated Cowboy Decor. The Wanted Poster is of course the must-have for the exterior this week.

Saloon Roof Saloon Door Saloon Window
Saloon Banner Cow Skull Wanted Poster
Wooden Boards Cowboy Decor (animated) Saloon Sig

And finally, Restaurant City have passed 3 million fans! That´s a lot of fans! As a thank you to all of those who are a fan of Restaurant City you will this week get an exclusive statue by following the link on our Fan Page.

3 million fans statue

We are always interested in your feedback, make sure you let us know what you think about the theme this week and we would love to see pictures of your newly decorated restaurant!

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38 Responses to “It´s the wild wild west!”

  1. TheChocolateOne Says:

    Aww, Cacti Joe! Love the new theme!

  2. Ozma Says:

    There is no statue! What happened? But love the western theme. =)

  3. Fleur Kemp Says:

    Hi what happened about the statue I didn’t get it when I pressed the link😦

  4. Stefani Says:

    There is no statue! There is no statue!There is no statue!There is no statue!There is no statue!There is no statue!

  5. miah Says:

    I didnt get the statue either. 😦 And also…I am not earning as much money as I did two days ago and I have not changes anything in the game! What gives?

  6. Xuan Says:

    There’s a problem with tiles too. All my friends’ floors are grey now, i cant see the tiles.

  7. BC Says:

    The statue is available by following the link NOW posted on the RC fan page, it took awhile but it’s there. And on a side note Spicy Buffalo Wings is NOT a Western dish. They are spicy chicken wings made famous in Buffalo, NY around the early to mid 1960s. Western NY maybe but not the Old West – sorry to burst anyone’s bubble.

  8. joefriday Says:

    how about making each dish tier pay out more in terms of coins too? its ridiculous that in real life some of these dishes would cost so much but only cost 2$ in the game. plus it makes earning money really really tedious.

  9. Bao Says:

    There’s no new clothes for cowboys and cowgals?

  10. Bao Says:

    There’s no new clothes for cowboys and cowgals?

    I want a theme related to cats…

  11. Jonathan Says:

    The statue will be located in your decorations inbox.

  12. Bao Says:

    I hope I can also grow orange, apple, strawberry, pumpkin etc. in the garden….

  13. Keyno Says:

    Cool update, but im still doing the Egyptian Theme, love it. New Themes with no new design of clothes, that ain’t right!

  14. Tammy Says:

    Employee time is now 0 – 3 not percentage 0- 100….why? Also would like a sleep all or chef all button to change all of my employees at once. Would also like an Open / Closed sign so that when it is click the restaurant is open/closed without having to move stuff.

  15. Parrott dad Says:

    Not happy with any of the changes. Especially the times set for when you buy food for your employees. Sorry but I’m done!

  16. Gabby Says:

    Not really my type but I lvoe Catci Joe !

  17. Alec Says:

    Why cant i place the new wild west floor tiles in the squares in the restaurant? for some reason they sit all askew! Is there a glitch?

  18. I won't tell you my name Says:

    There is no link to get the statue on the fan page!!

  19. hula Says:

    How about a Surf Shack theme? Surf’s Up on Haleiwa, Oahu!

  20. Kwando Says:

    No, the statue works. And Cacti Joe does look AWESOME!!!

  21. Jill Says:

    I was happy to see the garden area on sale so I bought some land. As I was decorating, I made a path in my garden with some tiles and saved it. Afterward, I decided that I didn’t like the path and wanted to remove the tiles, but I realized that there is no way to remove the tiles outside. Also, there is no tile that matches the outside grass. Is there any way you guys could add a feature to remove tiles outside or add a tile that matches the outside grass? I would definitely appreciate it, and I bet many other people would too.

    Thank you!

  22. Ryles Says:

    Cacti Joe looks so cute! ^_^
    About the free statue, I got mine already, though I wish it were
    sized 1×1. But I guess it’s a personal preference thing.
    But hey, thanks!

  23. Love Says:

    Nice update on theme but friends’ tiles are missing?

  24. Kelly Says:

    Still no statue? Followed the new link, and checked my decorations inbox. Has anyone else got it to work?

  25. Migs Says:

    I got my statue:)
    I love that the outside area is 50% off.:)

    Anyone know how I can remove the tiles from the outside area?

  26. Parsifal Says:

    No link at Fan website. Please, can anyone post it?

  27. AW Says:

    I followed the link and still no statue..Like the new stuff.

  28. Sabrina Says:

    Just leveled up to 32 and working on 33 please start giving up at least from free stuff since you cant get anymore people or bigger restaurant really love this game….

  29. Sabrina Says:

    sorry ment to say giving us free stuff since you can’t get a bigger restaurant or more people…thanks

  30. susuchichchoe Says:

  31. chris Says:

    is anyone else having problems planting seeds? i keep planting them and when i go back to it it’s gone then i need to buy another one help?

  32. RC Player 1237(maybe) Says:

    How do you get the 3 million fan statue?
    Do you visit the RC blog every 3 days?
    Do you post on RC blog every 3 days?
    What do I have to do to get the statue?

  33. Ryan Miller Says:

    I love the Wild West Theme. I think it is great.

    Some things I would like to see for it.

    1) square saloon table so I could create a bar with the stools.

    2) Corner Divider Blocks

    3) Western Clothing, Cowboy hats and Can Can Dancer outfits,

    4) A Mechanical Bull

    5) A Really Big Round Table with playing cards and poker chips (you could even make it like an arcade machine and have people sit down at it to play poker) plus good advertisement for your Poker Rivals game

    6) I would like to be able to put Cacti Joe ontop of things. I created a stage out of crates. (stage was created for Can Can Girls..can you make those too.😀 )

    Great Job, Keep up the great work.:-)



  34. Nino Says:


    My popularity decreases too fast even while my restaurant is closed does anyone has an idea about it….

  35. Cynthia Says:

    I claimed my statue but not have one yet!!!
    It says: “Sorry, but you’ve already claimed the statue before”, but I HAVEN’T GOT ANY STATUE!!!

  36. Mamadiva Says:

    What has happened to this game? Everytime we try to play this application freezes up. It is not our computer as the other apps do not do this. Please upgrade soon, or I fear you may loose players!

  37. ghost Says:

    I wont 3 million fans statue Please
    pls pls pls pls

  38. fili Says:


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