The Egyptian Experience


It´s time for the Egyptian Experience to come into your Restaurant City and entice your customers!

Hello fellow restauranteurs! Restaurant City has been updated with new items!

For a different look to your restaurant, why not try this weeks Egyptian style. There are many different concepts and ideas to think about when choosing a particular theme, but very few are as eye-catching and mysterious as the Egyptian theme! A sense of mystery and fondness for ancient history will pass through any restaurant dedicated to the Egyptian style. Those of this ancient culture have long ago proven that they are very worthy at crafting stone and metal into great works of art.

For the outside of your restaurant this week you can get that real Egyptian feeling by adding the Egyptian Roof to your building and let´s not forget the Pyramid Decor!

Egyptian Boat Decor Egyptian Roof
Oil Lamp Pyramid Decor
Anubis Statue

This week we also have some new plants for your garden. Try the Desert Palm or Blooming Cactus, they are sure to entice your customers!

Desert Palm Blooming Cactus Palm Tree

For the inside of your restaurant, we feature the King Tut Wall Decor. If King Tut is not what you are looking for, then take a look at the more subtle Egyptian Pot or the Egyptian Wall Decor.

Egyptian Chair Egyptian Table Egyptian Pot
Egyptian Pillar Stone Flooring Glyph Wallpaper
Egyptian Painting Jackal Statue King Tut Wall Decor
Egyptian Wall Decor Golden Cobra Candlelight Egyptian Divider Block
Egyptian Divider Egyptian Candle Stand

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14 Responses to “The Egyptian Experience”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Certainly odd timing for this theme…it’s the 5th of January, the very heart of our snowy winter, and RC chooses an Egyptian desert motif????

    The bad news: I *totally* dislike all the new items for this Egypt week in RC. Totally. I can’t find even one item that I don’t hate, which is saying something. Also, no cash items – boo! Though since I hate the ugly items & theme & bizarre timing, that’s probably for the best.

    The good news: This gives me a full week to save up coins for some super items that I’ve had my eye on for awhile, and for what will hopefully be a much better & much more wintery week…next week.:)

    This Egypt theme’s a miss but I expect next week will be back to great form.:) *hugs* Also thank you RC team for X-mas, it was lovely!

    P.S. first post yaaaay😀

  2. iJal Says:

    am I first? hihi…

    those Egypt things are marvellous, love that grande roof, and I think it’ll be great if I can dress my staffs with Pharaoh costume!

  3. meghan Says:

    what about an egyptian door, windows, and wallpaper for the outer building ?????? i cant complete the look😦

  4. Kiyalynn Says:

    I’m so happy about the Egypt stuff its so pretty! I’m already planning on changing my tropical theme to Egyptian! I have hoped for more egyptian stuff since they added the oblesk that didnt match anything, And they did! *happy*

  5. bob Says:

    i personally think this stuff i great!

    your customers get to feel like royalty!


    its not like playfish knows where you live… its a game in the internet, which means everyone around the world is playing it…

    if its bad timing for you.. boo hoo

  6. Wee Says:

    the pyramid decor looks like.. a mound of sand hahaha😀

  7. Mark Says:

    I feel that the decor looks nice…however someone above posted there’s no cohesion…no doors, no windows…no outfits. Also there needs to be more indoor plants. In the picture you guys made up showing all the new egyptian items shows a lot of layering such as the candle on the table and the vase on top of the pedestal…we don’t see that in the game.

    Also your outdoor plants should have the option of being placed indoors. your indoor plants need a lot of work and there haven’t been many new ones.

    Look into adding more indoor plants instead…and if you come out with a theme, think about every aspect of the game like pet society does…new clothes, food, etc. that will make it more fun.

    And though not everyone pays for cash items…i have yet to…but if an item nice enough comes out every week or so…i’d consider it…just sayin.

  8. BDK Says:

    Country Story went into great, but yes I think spring and easy things you should first have to put spring

  9. Valor Says:

    I love the theme!! But there it is INCOMPLETE!!!

    I want DOORS, WINDOWS, WALL PAPER and SIGN BOARD for exterior!!!

    I want DOORS and WINDOWS for interior!!!

    I want COSTUMES for my staff!!!

    Please PLAYFISH – make this wonderful theme complete soon!

  10. bernard Says:

    please playfish i want to collect all of the egyptian stuff. but now its incomplete please dont delete yet all of those egyptian stuff. im jusr starting and my money are not enough.

    thank you

    and the dress for my employee

  11. Edulliset Lennot Says:

    no tottakai keitolle😀 mut siis minne biitsille:)

  12. Cafe World’s new Egyptian set gives restaurants the ancient royal treatment | blog Says:

    […] release was long in coming, considering that Restaurant City came out with its own set back in January. Check out the rest of this post for a full visual […]

  13. Tarek ElBatouty Says:

    Hi, please send me info on how I may buy Egyptian decorations for my restaurant I’m planning to open. Thank you and waiting for your reply.

    Kind regards,


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