Journey Into Ancient Aztec Civilization


This week’s update in Restaurant City will take you and your customers back to the mid 14th Century and to the South Central region of Mexico. Traveling deep into the heart of the Aztec (Mexica) civilization, which is filled with rich mythology and cultural heritage. Also with this update your customers will be able to explore a small sample of the deep jungles of the Maya and Incas.

To start off your customers dining experience this week we have added all the needed items to turn the exterior of your restaurants into an Aztec Temple. To some of your customers at first it may appear to look like an Egyptian Pyramid but once they get a closer look they will notice the flat roof (Egyptian pyramids are pointed) a distinguishing difference between the two. If your customers are not worshiping you before they step foot inside your restaurant, we guarantee that they will be by the time they leave.

Aztec Roof Aztec Temple Aztec Temple Door
Aztec Window Aztec Banner Jungle Plants
Chief Worshiper Pan Pipe Band

Two of the greatest gifts to us from the Aztec/Maya people were amazing temples and chocolate. The word chocolate actually comes from an Aztec/Mayan word chocolatl. Add the Dark Chocolate Fountain that works 12 percent faster to help your staff keep up with the high demand for chocolate drinks and meals this week. While the magnificent Aztec temple will make your restaurant more popular by adding plus one to your max popularity.

Dark Chocolate Fountain: Serves 12% Faster
Aztec Temple: Plus 1 to max popularity

Aztec Temple  

(Master chili chicken chocolat)

Dark Chocolate Fountain  

(Only available on Nov 21st and 22nd GMT)

Although the Aztecs and Mayans were two totally different civilizations they did have some things in common. Celebrate the appreciation of the craftsmanship of both civilizations in your Restaurant with a mixture of handmade Aztec and Mayan Tables and chairs.

Mayan Chair Mayan Table
Aztec Snake Chair Aztec Table
Aztec Sofa

With three new wallpapers and flooring you can choose to finish off your restaurant with the traditional patterns of the Mayan and Inca or open the whole place up with the Jungle View wallpaper.

Mayan Folk Inca Folk Jungle View
Folk Pattern Soaring Eagle Sun God Tile

Gold was often used for decoration, and was abundant in the Aztec empire. Amazingly in early Aztec days gold was not used as currency instead they used chocolate. With these Archways  and dividers you can recreate the Emperors Palace or the inside of a Aztec temple. Both which were often covered in Gold.

Golden Arch Golden Snake God
Gold Divider 

(Free friend gift)

Gol Divider Block
Temple Divider Temple Divider Corner

The Aztecs may have lived in the semi-desert in central Mexico (now called Mexico City) but the Mayans lived in the lush jungles of southern Mexico and northern Central America. Put these jungle bushes in your garden area and take your customers on an exploration of the Aztec to Mayan cultures all without leaving your restaurant.

Jungle Shrub Jungle Plant Jungle Palm
Jungle Fern

It’s all about chocolate this week, so keep your secret stash hidden in the Aztec Woven Basket. And throw a few Aztec rugs about your resto to mask those pesky chocolate stains.

Aztec Lamp Aztec Rug Aztec Woven Basket (Free friend gift)

The favored form of artistic expression in the Aztec civilization was the making of statues (sculptures). Be sure to place a few of these exotic artifacts throughout your restaurant.

Golden Inca Statue Aztec Statue 

(Free friend gift)

Aztec Dragon Statue (Free friend gift)

Aztecs, Mayans and Incas used sundials and calendars to tell the time and date. The Aztec calendar contained pictographs for their days, months and years, while the sundial provided an accurate time reading using nothing more than the position of the sun. Be sure to warn your customers not to look directly into the sundial, as its reflection is enough to blind someone.

Aztec Calendar Golden Sundial

Music and dance played a large part in many aspects of Aztec/Inca life. Hire this modern day (Aztecs in the 1500’s didn’t have any facial hair) pipe band trio to entertain your customers while they dine in your restaurants.

Pan Pipe Drummer Pan Pipe Guitarist Pan Pipe Lead  

(must have shared email)

Every Aztec themed restaurant needs a Chieftain Maitre D to be a team leader and help you ensure all your customers receive first class treatment from all your staff. The Sharman Waiter will come in handy for any of your customers who may fall ill while dining in your restaurant.

Chieftian Maitre D Shaman Waiter

These finely crafted Aztec toilets and sinks carved from a single piece of the Aztec mountains and then topped off with the finest gold will satisfy all Aztec royalty dining in your restaurants.

Aztec Toilet Aztec Sink

On the menu this week we have added a new main course, the Traditional Aztec meal Chocolate Chili Chicken. To drink we have a modern version of an invention that the Aztecs get credit for introducing to the world, Exotic Hot Chocolate. The Aztec version of hot chocolate was known as “spicy hot chocolate.” Since sugar was unknown to the Aztecs chillies, cornmeal and spices were used

Chocolate Chili Chicken Exotic Hot Chocolate

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s update of the Aztec civilization! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with what’s new in Restaurant City!.

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Happy Cooking!!

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13 Responses to “Journey Into Ancient Aztec Civilization”

  1. Ishasha Says:

    Love it! What great items!! Cant wait to see them :D

    *crossing fingers for not too many PFC items*

  2. Natasha Says:

    Aww this theme is lovely! <3
    I love it when there are new dividers and blocks. They make a real difference when decorating.

    I cannot wait for your christmas themes! Hopefully every December week is a christmas theme! :D and, maybe even an awesome collectible? :D

  3. Tzu Says:

    This game sure is educational on multiculture to the players. It is interesting to learn another culture and tradition through reading this blog and playing the game.

    Hopefully, the Dark Chocolate Fountain price is reasonable. Please make sure the game design team does homework before releasing this item. I suggest looking into current PFC items in the same category. By comparing the existence items vs. new pending to release item, the team should be able to grasp an idea on setting the price on pending to release item.

    P.S. It happens AGAIN that I can’t get into my restaurant and NO ONE can visit me either. So, we all are STUCK outside my restaurant. It seems like there is a glitch on the program after new stuffs being uploaded to the game.

  4. koba2802 Says:

    Great job on the game updates. I think the 5 ingredient reward for consecutive days is a nice touch. I also like the fact that the highest level is now 90. I think the Aztec Building might be a little too easy to get this time around, as two of the ingredients are now free, but hey, live and let live. And while I haven’t looked too closely at this week’s theme, I’m glad EA released two great updates in a week. Video review out soon.

    • koba2802 Says:

      I hope the guest blogger for next week will be able to write better than some of the people who leave comments on this blog. What is a “Tittle”? ;)

  5. POLLITO 02 Says:


  6. stickero Says:

    I’m very glad that finally you’ve make an aztec theme, but I got some issues about the incongruences in the items. For example there’s nothing like a dragon in aztec culture, there a feathered snake but not a dragon. Also the dish is called mole and not chocolate chili, but mole doesn’t need orange, uses a lot of other ingredientes, like almonds, raisins, etc.
    I make this comment because if this theme has some incongruences makes me wonder what whit the others. I know that your objective is not educational but as company you need to be reliable. There’s other issues but I think you get my point. :D But certainly this is the best in all FB.

    • Spectre Incarnate Says:

      Quetzacoatl, the feathered snake god of creation and destruction is a winged reptile, and a winged reptile in many cultures is now known collectively throughout the world as a dragon, regardless of shape, size, or wing type. The same can be said for unicorns and griffins of various cultures also. I love to study cultural creatures and I myself would call Queztacoatl an Aztec dragon in the broadest sense of the word. I know it’s technically a snake, but I would call my own pet python a dragon if she had wings. LOL Besides, the dragon head statue looks like a snake head in my opinion anyway, so I found it very reminiscent of Queztacoatl.

      So, let’s not make mountains out of molehills when, as you have even said, these people have done more to spread awareness of other cultures through a cultural food-based game than any other FB game out there, and I highly agree. Have you ever seen what misinformation Zynga gives to it’s players? Penguins from the north pole and table salt in fish tanks? @_o

      • stickero Says:

        Hi! You are totally right in the etymology of the word dragon, which means snake, but what about the context. As you said RC is spreading cultural awareness and I’m also very glad about that, but for doing that they are taking a great responsability with the user, that in sometimes is very young. I live in Mexico and here I’ve never heard someone refering to Quetzalcoatl as a dragon, always as a feathered snake/serpent; you can check in Wikipedia and in the Quetzalcoatl page only once they use the word dragon and only as a reference. I know that maybe I’m exaggerating with this comment but I do it because I want to play a game I know it’s offering something I can trust in (by the way RC is the only game I play so I don’t know what information others are giving).
        Keep quiet when something is wrong is something that everybody must stop doing. I really like RC and I hope this comments can make the game quality grow.

  7. Spectre Incarnate Says:

    What about the context? All I see are semantics about a categorization. There’s dragons in many cultures and they are all very similar. I realize that it is known as a feathered serpent in your country, but it is also a dragon in the very broadest sense of the word, one that encompasses all mythological winged reptile creatures of the world, as I had already tried to explain.

    For instance, a ki’rin can also be called a Chinese unicorn, even though it is not the typical, classic white unicorn, it is a hoofed beast with one horn. And the Sumerian lammasu can be known as a sphinx since they are very similar as well. So, why then can’t we call a feathered serpent a dragon of Aztec origin? How is it not? It’s what I’ve always considered it to be. I am even working on a fantasy story that has snake-like dragons because I was inspired by the style. :)

    • stickero Says:

      :D I see we have a very different point of view. Semantics is the meaning of a sign but that meaning always depends on diferent aspects; one of them is the context. I can´t agree in making a general categorization of things, everything has a name and a different meaning. You write about a ki’rin, I must say I’ve never heard about that creature but, I’m really sure that no matter how many similar aspects it has with a unicorn a ki’ri has its own nature, it’s own history and purpose.
      The most important difference is the place they were created. The cultures that made this amazing creatures weren’t in the same condition: geological, social and even political, and this gave them a unique way to see the world and that can be seen in the representations and stories of the creatures. Maybe they look alike but deep inside they are very disctinctive and that is something worth.
      Saying that a ki’ri is like a chinese unicorn is only an easy way to people understand the concept and form a mental image of the creature. It’s very superficial talking in that way.
      I see you are working in a story, I think it’s a very good option to go deeper in your reserch, not only in the graphic style but in the cultural aspects of the civilization and I’m very sure you will find even more inspiration for your story, because everything has an origin even a God. :P
      This is really fun, hope read you later!
      Greetings from Puebla!!

  8. Lina Says:

    All i can say is this is awesome!!!

  9. seraph Says:

    Hi, i’m from México, from Quintana Roo actually, and as confused as i am for all the mixing in this RC theme, i’m as well excited. I’m loving the Aztec Temple and the aztec dragon statue. I think even if Quetzalcoatl is a representation of a God, it may be as well be a Dragon, just fantasize for a moment (really fantasize), that the prehispanic people actually saw a creaure like that and they thought “it is a god”.

    It may be a little confusing or not acurate as we may hope, but the point here is having fun, and i feel grateful for this theme.

    Finally i ask for your patience for all the misspelling in this comment.

    ¡Saludos desde México!

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