Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Gingerbread all the way…


Hello fellow restauranteurs! Restaurant City has been updated with new items and limited dishes!

The Gingerbread theme is definetely continuing this week with an array of new Gingerbread itesm for the inside of your restaurant! Gingerbread theme not for you? Then check out the new items for the Garden area and the icy inspired items for the outside of your restaurant.

Garden area – flowers and musrooms!

Daffodils White Flowers Mushrooms

Gingerbread theme is definetely what to go for for the inside, but not forget the animated candy pole or the amazing decorative presents to get your restaurant in the full party atmospehere. Make sure you do not miss the Gingerbread Bed which will make your staff rest twice as fast, or the Gingerbread Toilet which will work twice as fast! Both these items are only available until January 4th 2010.

Gingerbread Bed (functional) Gingerbread Toilet (functional) Gingerbread Basin
Blue Present Green Present Gold Present
Large Present Pink Present Candy Pole (animated)
Gingerbread Double Door Gingerbread Window Gingerbread Divider Block
Gingerbread Divider Tree Trunk Table Tree Stump Chair

For the outside of your restaurant you can now go for the Icy Look with the Icy Crystal, the Snowy Roof and the Snowy Tree!

Icy Roof Brown Brick Wall Ice Crystal
Golden Bells Snowy Tree Snowy Sign
Giant Candy Cane

And finally, 3 new limited dishes for the holidays. The Festive Turkey for main course, the Yule Log for Dessert and the Festive Hot Chocolate as a new drink option is sure to please your cstomers this holiday season, what more can they ask for?

Festive Turkey (main course) Yule Log (dessert)
Festive Hot Chocolate (dessert)

You can unlock all these dishes until Midnight January 5th. If you have not unlocked the dishes before that time, the dishes will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the three dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.

Make sure you let us know what you think about our latest addition of items, limited dishes! Our players opinions are always very important to us.

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33 Responses to “Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Gingerbread all the way…”

  1. conan94 Says:


  2. yourBOM Says:


  3. yourBOM Says:

    Almost Done! Do we have any new dishes from GK?

    Love the chair. Toilet is SO EXPENSIVE!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Uh, fail, the picture of the turkey has lemon, but it asks for orange, how is that fair? Please clarify which ing it is, either it’s lemon as pictured, or it’s orange as listed. . .

  5. setsuna777 Says:

    I love the new table and chair combo… amazing for a garden theme. I love them. All these presents.. i have lots of them around my giant christmas tree and they look amazing.

    More dishes yay!!!! just when i only had the 2 orange dishes to master xDDD oh well :P The more, the better

  6. nicereddy1 Says:

    i think the hot chocolates a drink xD
    nice job, but I’m not much a fan of the new “invite” things on our streets

  7. BloodShard Says:

    Wow. Like the new update, but hating the new invite crap in our employee list. That’s totally uncool.

  8. Cindy Says:

    Here’s the thing, everything is so expensive.
    nice ideas, but how the heck do we get so many oranges/sugars. etc. etc.

    Playfish get a grip or you’ll be losing MANY MANY players with so many cash items out.
    Also you may want to give us more ingredients THAT WE NEED.
    i.e. sugar oranges flours eggs etc.
    not like beans and sweetcorns.

  9. JS Says:

    What will happen to the Gingerbread Toilet, Gingerbread Bed, Festive Stove, and Festive Fride after 4th Jan? Will they just dissapear? Will they still work at +10% increaesd speed?

  10. Mandy Says:

    I agree with Cindy; I’ve been getting too many ingredients that are NOT what I need (11 limes, 5 peaches and 5 sweetcorns anyone?) by PF. And yes, whats the point of having so many new things that supposedly enhance our playing experience when we can’t afford them or not willing to shell out so much for it (aka the 25000 gingerbread fridge) and the new bed which can only be bought with PF cash? Limited edition does not mean exorbitant prices you know.

  11. Odie Says:

    Why is it that we need oranges for the new turkey dish with lemons and don’t need oranges for the old turkey dish with oranges?

    No wonder there is no shepherds in shepherds pie!

  12. Kim Says:

    Playfish, what have you done? You guys are turning into a bunch of money wolves right in front of my eyes. Never before had you put paying players at an advantage, but you are doing so now. This feels as if you are betraying everything Playfish stood for.

    Also, what’s with the insane amount of coins required to buy some of the new items? You know very well that there are cheating players out there, but that does not mean you need to make items expensive to annoy them. They will not care, but the bunch of fair and loyal players you have left will be raging. Have you not read the forums lately? Have you not read any of the thousands of complaints?

    I really feel that you are taking the joy out of this game. Restaurant City used to be a lovely, non-obtrusive laid-back game, but that all has changed. The pace is too high, the new decoration-options next-to impossible to get if you don’t cheat, and since the new update it has started to become an obtrusive game as well. If I wanted to invite my friends, I would have done so before you guys started pushing the invites into my face.

    Playfish, I really regret what you guys have done and I wish you would just look at some of the complaints and think about it for once. Read your forums, there is more than enough in there to keep you busy instead of adding yet another batch of items.

    Please do not turn completely into money wolves.

  13. SO Says:

    I agree with cindy.

    Playfish can EITHER release more new dishes and at the same time give us items that WE NEED (Sugar esp) OR stop releasing so many new dishes.

    You are causing MANY MANY players to be disheartened!

  14. dw Says:

    Be patient =)

    I think it’s more fun this way, more challenging.. it’d be too easy if we completed every dish and everything fast.. so long as we unlock the dish before the deadline, we have time to work on it by getting items through trades or just waiting for it to appear on the market or in quizzes.

  15. MeL Says:

    Hi i have a question… it’s there another way to get an orange that is not buying with PlayFish Cash ?

  16. George Says:

    Look, maybe we ARE being bombarded with new limited edition dishes asking for the same three or four ingredients and we’re living hell, but it’s all worth it IF THE DISH IS WORTH IT. I was leveling up roast turkey when I see a new dish: Festive Turkey… what? It’s the same thing, it’s like there are a gazillion dishes in the world and they decide to repeat. Same thing with the festive hot chocolate, goshhh. Not cool.

  17. c Says:

    is it just me or am i disappointed to see yet another hot chocolate, when there are other festive drink ideas that would have been more interesting and not redundant? like spiced apple cider?? *shakes head*

  18. Carlos Says:

    Hi!!!… first, thanks for the update…

    …the flowers and mushrooms look good, the Tree Trunk Table and the Tree Stump Chair are SO COOL!!!, they look really grate, also the bed is so much useful… such a shame that it’s for PF cash only :(…

    by the way, i’m here begging you to include the floor tiles for the outdoor in your next update, the outdoor really looks sad without something in the floor, it will be wonderful use the grass and rocks tiles on it…

    thanks for your work again!!!

  19. RestoCityBoy Says:

    its great how RC always updates their stuff weekly and how RC players respond that they really like it and we like it just dont make it too expensive like the festive toilet, is 15,000? thats so expensive.. thats a rip off. some players wants to buy lots of festive things but buying only a TOILET for 15000? thats too expensive for other players to buy. and other functional stuffs like a costs 500000?

    and another question is is the ICY theme like the GIGNERBREAD theme going to continue next week? the ICY theme for the interiors? please do coz the ginger bread theme is not really my type bcoz i want elegance for christmas.. and i hope u make the ICY or ICE theme really elegant and really christmasy! like a really warm and comforting diner for christmas. i hope u hear me and understand me!


  20. Elia Says:

    There have been too many new limited dishes in short time, there’s no way we can manage to unlock them, especially since they all need four ingredientes (most of them rare ones). Why does the game have to be so hard now?
    And as it has been said before, the “invites” on the streets and among our employees when in the restaurant are really, really annoying. When I’m inside my restaurant I only care about my employees, and when outside, I want to have people that are already playing the game, not others mixed with them.
    Although, the new items are cool, and the outside expansion, though expensive, is a great idea. Also the fact that the new dishes are themed and related to whatever holiday or time period is coming.

  21. [更新]Restaurant City December 15th 聖誕節薑餅週更新 ... | 社群遊戲攻略王 Says:

    […] Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Gingerbread all the way… 沒有迴響 var addthis_pub="izwan00"; 推薦分享 此文章張貼於 星期四, 12月 17th, 2009 的 10:26:44,並且歸類於 Facebook, Restaurant City 的分類中,您可以訂閱本文章的 迴響,隨時掌握最新的消息! 也歡迎您 留下迴響, 或是 引用 至您所擁有的網站! […]

  22. Frayda Says:

    The game needs to up the production of sugar in the garden. i should be getting 3 or 4 sugars for every 1 wasabi instead of the other way around. i am not a complainer usually but it is too difficult to get sugar.

  23. Bianco Jade Says:

    It would be nice if we could buy the ingredients we need to level up the special dishes. And by buy I mean buy from the ingredient market with out using playfish cash. I don’t think its fair to have to spend 8 pf cash for one item needed to get a recipe that will expire.

    • Mark Says:

      i get what you’re saying…i don’t like that they’re making orange so hard to get…if their objective is for you to have to buy them with cc then that’s bad…otherwise I think it’s fair of them to at least have the option for you to buy them…hopefully they’ll give out more free ones or at least have them in the ingredient market in the next few days!

  24. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    Restaurant City, can you make clearance sale or discount week??? and the cash ingredients. it was so expensive. maybe 4 pf?

  25. Wei Li Says:

    Will the items disappear on January 4th 2010?
    Gingerbread Bed (functional), Gingerbread Toilet (functional)

  26. dickwyn Says:

    no you will get to keep it

  27. stefanos turos Says:

    please put more candy items in restaurant city…

  28. george pap Says:

    sure the recipes are great but are you sure that you will be able to buy them after they are gone because i haven’t picked all the ingredients needed and there is no way i’ll be able to unlock them before january 5th and i really reeeeeealy want them !!!!!

  29. tarla Says:

    Oh no missed gingerbread theme ='( i really hope they do it again but with no PF cash items this time coz i really want a gingerbread restaurant! =) *crosses fingers*

  30. Mutton Biryani Says:

    We order it regularly at several of the local restaurants. This recipe is just as good. I made it for the first time yesterday, I’m sure with a little ‘love’ I can make it better than the local restaurants’ recipes.

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